Shakti Tantra Workshop (for women.)

Shakti Tantra Workshop (for women.)

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February 24, 2022, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, $25

This workshop is for women only.

Do you have times in your life when you feel overwhelmed with worries and too much to do? When you feel out of touch with your beauty, charm, and femininity? Do you tend to constantly criticize your body and whished you would look differently? Do you often feel exhausted, drained of energy, and in no mood for sensuality, love, and playfulness?

You are not alone.

This workshop is designed to give you tools to reconnect with your feminine essence, and to help you rediscover your uniqueness, beauty, vitality, eroticism, and charisma.

Tantra is an ancient system rooted into the re-discovery of the Divine Feminine. In all of us there is a Goddess, and unlimited potential for being happy and content. Come to this class to unveil your Inner Goddess, release stress, and recharge.

You will learn:

Tantra Yoga poses for amplifying your sensuality, vitality, and hormonal balance
A meditation technique for reconnecting with your soul, and for finding inner peace and harmony in any circumstance.
Techniques to improve your orgasmic ability
How to connect with the Universal Shakti – the source of all feminine energy
Techniques to relate to your body in a way that makes you happy and helps your body heal.
Diet tips for reducing PMS.
A method for instantly boosting your feminine charisma.

Come dressed in comfortable clothes that allow you to moveeasily. We provide yoga mats and blankets. However, you are also welcome to bring your own.

Teacher: Ileana Stefanescu

Ileana has been teaching Tantra and Yoga for over 30 years. She has  created a beautiful spiritual community in Las Vegas, and coordinates the spread of Tantra Yoga wisdom in the entire US. She is passionate about helping women rediscover their divine qualities and live happier lives.